The Workplace Toolkit Program

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Complete as a course or choose relevant sessions.

In just eight sessions, this program aims to help individuals make a difference to their lives. With the help of engaging evidence based resources and expert guidance at each session, participants learn how to:

  • understand their feelings when they feel low, worried/stressed or hopeless, and 
  • discover skills that will help them tackle problems at work and in their personal lives. 

Engaging and Interactive Sessions

The Workplace Toolkit delivers engaging and interactive training for supervisors, managers, human resources professionals and employees, while offering strategic perspectives for senior executives to address systemic, organization-wide solutions.Employers who successfully manage mental health issues can:

  • Alleviate performance problems
  • Avoid litigation
  • Create a more inclusive work environment
  • Enhance employee engagement
  • Increase organizational effectiveness

The Workplace Toolkit offers training modules that have been evaluated as effective in reducing stigma, which is crucial for organizations to successfully manage mental health in the workplace. We frame workplace issues through the lens of psychological health and safety, disability rights, and human resources and business best practices.

The Workplace Toolkit Sessions:

  • SESSION 1: Understanding Physical and Emotional Functioning
  • SESSION 2: Noticing and Changing Unhelpful Behaviors
  • SESSION 3: Managing Your Mind and Perspectives
  • SESSION 4: Overcoming Stress at Work and Home
  • SESSION 5: Building Personal Development Practices
  • SESSION 6: Problem-solving Time and Output Demands
  • SESSION 7: Enhancing Interactions and Interpersonal Relationships
  • SESSION 8: Sustaining Engagement and Support