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The Emotional Backpack Project Launches for the New School Year

EBP Participants

On August 4th, twenty five school counselors and educators attended Facilitator Training as part of the launch of the new Emotional Backpack Project – an education and awareness project by the Center for School Behavioral Health at MHA of Greater Houston, aimed at infusing mental health into school culture. Sixteen schools are participating in the program from Houston Independent School District (ISD), Spring ISD, Sanchez Charter School, KIPP Houston Public Schools, Baker Ripley and Catholic Charities. Participants will return to their schools to train staff and parents on mental health in children, child trauma, and suicide prevention, and lead a school-wide, “I Wish My Teacher Knew…” campaign.

Free resources for educators, parents, and students are available online through the Emotional Backpack Toolkits, along with the updated Youth Resource Guide.