Okay to Say Enlists Texans to Take a Stand Against Stigma, says Andy Keller

Okay to Say, a grassroots movement enlisting Mark Cuban and Emmitt Smith along with a multitude of Texans, is aimed at increasing public awareness about mental health issues. According to Andy Keller, Chief Executive Officer of Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute, “Nine out of ten Texans think that it is more difficult to discuss mental health rather than a physical issue,” and this is exactly the problem not only in Texas but nationwide, which is why the imperative to fight stigma through grassroots organizations like Okay to Say is a must-need to transform our society.

As Mark Cuban, Emmitt Smith and several partner organizations across the state take a stand against the stigma, they are encouraging people from all walks of life to join the movement and add their voice through a social media campaign. The pain of stigma can be debilitating to those who experience it, which leads to social, psychological and physical costs. Okay to Say is a win-win for the mental health community, Texans and society.

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