New Insight for Millions Battling Alcohol and Substance Use Addictions


On Thursday, February 11, at The Council on Recovery, Dr. Kevin McCauley, a former Navy flight surgeon and co-founder of the Institute for Addiction Study, presented the film, “Memo to Self:  Protecting Sobriety with the Science of Safety.”  The screening, a behavioral health awareness collaboration between the American Addiction Centers, Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center, Houston Behavioral Healthcare Hospital, Mental Health America of Greater Houston, The Council on Recovery, Behavioral Hospital of Bellaire, Martin Counseling, and Documentary Events, convened nearly 150 individuals representing organizations that provide services in the areas of veterans, juvenile justice, primary care, addiction and recovery, mental health and health policy.

This educational opportunity shared groundbreaking ideas and practices that provide people living with addiction access to the same effective, proactive processes of recovery management used successfully by health care professionals and pilots. By framing addiction as a safety problem, Dr. McCauley united the science of prevention with relapse prevention and provided some of the latest neuroscientific research on addiction, and practical tools for sustaining recovery.

The documentary and post-screening conversation with Dr. McCauley also offered an insightful view of how a person challenged with addiction and mental health concerns can stay sober, exert good judgment and resist seemingly irresistible cravings when the decision-making function of their freshly-healing brain is still impaired.

We thank Dr. McCauley for candidly sharing his story of addiction and recovery, and appreciate the interest in this topic of all attendees.  For a copy of the film, Memo to Self:  Protecting Sobriety with the Science of Safety visit

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Author: Traci Patterson