SB 460 to Help Public School Teachers Detect Symptoms of Mental or Emotional Disorders in Students


On May 20th, Bill Kelly, Mental Health America of Greater Houston's Director of Policy and Government Relations attended the Texas Education Agency Senate Bill 460 Training in Austin. 

Texas Senate Bill 460 provides training requirements for public school teachers and teachers in training on the identification of students exhibiting symptoms of a mental or emotional disorder, and those at risk for suicide. 

In the bill (SB460 Summary) it states that the information provided should include characteristics of the most prevalent mental or emotional disorders among children, identification of mental or emotional disorders, effective strategies for teaching and intervening with students with mental or emotional disorders, and providing notice and referral to the parent or guardian of a student with mental or emotional disorders so that the parent or guardian may take appropriate action.   

Mental health panelists Dr. Billy Philips, Rebekah Miller, and Mari Evans, all from Texas Tech University Health Science Center, presented the curriculum to educator preparation programs and regional service center staff to prepare them to present the training to teachers in training and to school district educators.

Author: Traci Patterson
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