Tendenci Help Files

There are several help files that live on our Tendenci Site.  Below is a list of helpful files that I think you will find handy.  Not all of them may be of use to you for MHA Houston, but I wanted to provide a comprehensive list.

Recently updated help files

  1. Adding New Events and Event Types to the Calendar (two videos in this help file - both transcripts added) - http://www.tendenci.com/help-files/adding-new-events-and-event-types-your-events-calendar/
  2. Setting up Custom Event Registration Forms (two videos in this help file - both transcripts added) - http://www.tendenci.com/help-files/tendenci-custom-event-registration-forms/
  3. Setting up the Tendenci Corporate Memberships Module (two videos in this help file - both transcripts added) - http://www.tendenci.com/help-files/setting-tendenci-corporate-membership-module/
  4. How to Edit Your Navigation in T5 - http://www.tendenci.com/help-files/how-to-edit-your-navigation/
  5. How to Install the Videos Plugin (Tendenci 5.0 - 5.1 comes with it installed) - http://www.tendenci.com/help-files/how-do-i-install-videos-plugin/
  6. Using Campaign Monitor with Tendenci - http://www.tendenci.com/help-files/using-campaign-monitor-with-tendenci/
  7. Accessing the Tendenci Theme Editor to Customize Your Theme - http://www.tendenci.com/help-files/how-do-i-access-tendenci-theme-editor-customize-my-theme/
Video help files
  1. Overview of the Tendenci Photos Module - http://www.tendenci.com/help-files/overview-of-the-tendenci-photos-module/
  2. How to Create a new Photo Album - http://www.tendenci.com/help-files/how-create-new-photo-album/
  3. How to Edit and Batch Edit Photos - http://www.tendenci.com/help-files/edit-photos/
  4. Getting Around in Tendenci http://www.tendenci.com/help-files/getting-around-tendenci/
  5. Selecting a Theme in Tendenci - http://www.tendenci.com/help-files/video-selecting-theme-tendenci/
  6. Tendenci Site Settings & Theme Settings - http://www.tendenci.com/help-files/tendenci-theme-site-settings-options/
  7. Tendenci CMS Content Options - http://www.tendenci.com/help-files/tendenci-cms-content-options/
  8. Adding Articles, News, and Page Content in Tendenci - http://www.tendenci.com/help-files/adding-articles-news-and-page-content-tendenci/
  9. Adding a Rotator Image Using the Stories Module - http://www.tendenci.com/help-files/how-do-i-use-the-stories-module/
  10. Adding a Video to the Videos Module - (two videos in this help file - both transcripts included) - http://www.tendenci.com/help-files/adding-video-videos-module/
  11. How do I Upload a Logo to a Tendenci Theme - http://www.tendenci.com/help-files/how-do-i-upload-logo-my-tendenci-theme/
  12. Using Spaces in Tendenci Community Themes - http://www.tendenci.com/help-files/using-spaces-tendenci-community-themes/
  13. How to Customize Membership Module Settings - http://www.tendenci.com/help-files/customize-the-memberships-module-settings/
  14. Add & Manage Membership Types - http://www.tendenci.com/help-files/add-and-manage-membership-types/
  15. How to Create & Customize Membership Applications - http://www.tendenci.com/help-files/create-and-customize-membership-applications/
  16. Add Your Membership Application to Your Site Navigation - http://www.tendenci.com/help-files/add-your-membership-application-your-site-navigation/
  17. What Your Members See when They Fill out a Membership Application - http://www.tendenci.com/help-files/members-fill-out-membership-application/
  18. Importing and Exporting Members - http://www.tendenci.com/help-files/importing-and-exporting-members/
  19. How to Create & Customize Member Notices for Renewals & Autoresponders - http://www.tendenci.com/help-files/how-create-and-customize-member-notices-renewals-and-autoresponders/
  20. How to Manage Your Member Profiles and Keep Them Up to Date - http://www.tendenci.com/help-files/how-manage-your-member-profiles-and-keep-them-date/
  21. An Overview of Membership Reports - http://www.tendenci.com/help-files/membership-module-reporting-options
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