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Mental Health America (MHA) of Greater Houston is excited to announce the second Veterans Court Advocacy and Mentoring Program (VCAMP) for 2017. We welcome veterans from across the state to join us  September 6th through 8th at the Harris Center for a  three-day conference. We will focus on training veterans to be volunteer Veteran Court Mentors, provide behavioral health education, and innovative tools and technical assistance to develop local Mentoring Programs and increase the capacity of existing veterans treatment court serving justice-involved veterans. Training topics include suicide prevention and intervention, strategic planning, family resiliency, substance abuse, domestic violence awareness, resource coordination, and mindfulness.

A critical element in a veteran’s life-long recovery process is the positive influence of friendship and support from a fellow veteran who has experienced full rehabilitation. The bond of shared experiences creates a connecting factor between the mentor and mentee. There is no substitute for the knowledge that someone with whom they identify has navigated the uncertain path of recovery.

Prior to attending VCAMP, individuals must be endorsed by a Military Veteran Peer Network (MVPN) Volunteer Coordinator and completed MVPN Basic Training.  If you have not completed the training, please do so before May by connecting with your local Peer Services Coordinator. If you do not know your Peer Services Coordinator, you can find them at  For VCAMP, Volunteer Coordinators act as the liaison between individuals and the training organization, in conjunction with MHA, to organize training logistics. MVPN Volunteer Coordinators are responsible for arranging travel, lodging, and meals for the duration of the training. Following completion of the training process, MHA of Greater Houston will send a completion roster to TexVet, which serves as an official notification of mentorship.

For more information, contact T’Liza Kiel, Director, Veterans Behavioral Health,, 713-523-8963 x235 or Rebecca Fowler, Coordinator, Advocacy & Veterans Behavioral Health,,(713) 523-8963 x 425. 

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School (School Behavioral ...


Please join us for our September meeting of the Center for School Behavioral Health Collaborative. Specific program details TBD 

The Center works collaboratively with school districts, public and nonprofit child-serving organizations, institutions of higher learning, community stakeholders including advocacy groups, students and parents to develop and implement projects and policies that promote the well-being of school-age children, prevent the downward trajectory of untreated behavioral health concerns, and appropriately address the needs of children with behavioral disorders, as well as the needs of children that have experienced trauma. The Center promotes participatory research to incubate innovative models addressing the behavioral health needs of school-age children in an integrated manner, and advocates for the implementation of sensible public and school policies to close gaps in services and eliminate constraints that exacerbate the behavioral health needs of students.

For more information, contact The Center for School Behavioral Health at MHA of Greater Houston, contact Janet Pozmantier, Director at

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