Behavioral Health Screening in Primary Care Settings: Integrated Health Care Models for Meeting Clients' Real-Time, Whole-Person Needs


Part 1 - "Behavioral Health 101: Training on Behavioral Health Screenings in Primary Care Settings"

Speaker: Dr. Stacy Ogbeide, PsyD, Behavioral Health Consultant with Healthcare for the Homeless of Houston, and instructor at Baylor College of Medicine Department of Family and Community Medicine. Dr. Ogbeide's professional interests include primary care psychology, geropsychology, program development and evaluation, behavioral medicine, and education and training. 

Part 2 - Break-out Sessions will explore innovative models that integrate behavioral health into the primary care setting, including:

  • Primary care providers partnering with behavioral health agencies
  • In-house behavioral health services and how to best utilize in-house staff

Topics and objectives:

  • Introduce basic behavioral health screening tools for a primary care setting
  • Increase access to services after screening
  • Explore approaches to integrating behavioral health services into health centers, including consulting psychiatry, use of a behavioral health consultant, and other approaches
  • Establish additional referral relationships to enhance coordinated care


Click the link for a video of Dr. Stacy Ogbeide's presentation



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