Become a Pro Bono Provider

MHA's Pro Bono Counseling Program

Mental Health America of Greater Houston has developed a program for individuals that are in need of short term therapy but do not have the means to pay for it.  Many of the issues they are struggling with include:

• stress
• marital or family issues/concerns
• anger management/conflict resolution
• unemployment
• grief and loss
• career changes
• life transition and aging
• sadness

The callers are put through a screening process to determine whether the callers' mental health needs fall within  the scope of short term therapy and whether they have any means of paying for a nominal fee for counseling.   

Callers who are not eligible for the program include those who:

  • have the ability to pay a sliding fee scale
  • have been diagnosed with a severe psychiatric illness
  • have been court ordered to get therapy

Join the MHA Pro Bono Counseling Provider Team 

The Houston community is in need of caring professionals that would like to give of their time and talent.  We are looking for licensed therapists willing to see clients in their office or at sites around Houston.   In return for your generosity, the MHA Pro Bono Counselors are invited to networking/training sessions and have their practice information put in our referral database.  If you are interested in becoming a provider, please fill out the MHA Pro Bono Provider Form and mail or fax it to 713-522-0698.