Your Child's Emotional Backpack

Your Child's Emotional Backpack

Learn more about the new, “Your Child’s Emotional Backpack,” public awareness campaign. Get tips, activities, and resources to empower and create awareness about children’s mental health issues.

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Take a look at our newest PSA campaign, "Your Child's Emotional Backpack," and more...

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About MHA Houston


The area’s oldest mental health education and advocacy organization focused on shaping the mental health of people and communities in the areas of children and education, integrated care, chronic illnesses, women, veterans and aging.

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Programs & Initiatives

  • Veterans Behavioral Health Initiative

    Through peer-to-peer outreach, we ensure that no veteran who needs peer-to-peer support goes without it.

  • School Behavioral Health Initiative

    A collaborative dedicated to improving the prevention, identification, and treatment of behavioral health issues among students.   

  • Women's Mental Health

    Mental Health America of Greater Houston is leading and supporting the Yates Children Memorial Fund (YCMF), a Women’s ...

  • Integrated Health Care

    Integrated health care – the coordination of physical and behavioral health care services – is a core component ...

Public Policy & Advocacy

Public policies protect and improve mental health services, increase access to quality mental health services, and support effective recovery services for people with mental illness.